Monday, August 15, 2011

"Cardiff Kook"

On July 22, 2007 a local artist was commissioned to create a surf sculpture that would memorialize the surfers in the small beach community of Cardiff-by-the-Sea.  It has been criticised from day one because the surfer is 'scrawny' and his pose is not surfer-like.
The actual name of the artwork is "Magic Carpet Ride" but it is instead referred to by locals as the "Cardiff Kook". A 'kook' is slang for someone who is posing to be a surfer. Over the past 4 years since its unveiling, it has been regularly, very comically and sometimes elaborately, defaced.

 The most recent loving addition to the statue is a pterodactyl nabbing the surfer.  This is one of my favorites.

The same artist who did the pterodactyl also did jaws

and created a surfer posing in a more life-like way.

The surfer has posed as St. Valentine,
 and has wed.
He has been an advocate for countless things,
and has fought for our freedom.
He has showed his multicultural side, educating the community on Cinco de Mayo,
 as well as educating the community on surfer etiquette.

He has shown off his sports skills (while surfing), such as wrestling
and playing volleyball.
He has found part time work as an elf,

a clown,

 and even an artist.

Although this statue is regularly scrutinized I think that the community would not want the surfer statue removed, he is way to fun to dress up.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Summer BBQ

Fred and I had a summer BBQ at my dad's for no other reason than to get together with friends. We had great weather, a fantastic bartender, and were able to catch up after not seeing each other since summer began.
I was super excited about the large beach ball but unfortunately it only lasted for a few hours. The dogs wanted to play with it too.

Fred took charge of the BBQ. I am glad he was cooking. I would have been perfectly happy drinking my dinner (not the best plan).

Fred and I took care of the hamburgers and hot dogs but the rest was potluck. Hilary brought a pesto salad, Megan brought a peach goat cheese salad, Marla brought potato salad, Amy brought snacks, Val brought fruit- all of this made for a delicious dinner!  Just when we were totally full Kimmie busted out her chocolate chip marshmallow cookies.

My nieces were making bracelets with pipe cleaners when my sister got the idea to take this opportunity to poke fun at Steve's 'stache.  Ruby is so cute she can pull of anything...

It is never too late to go swimming!

We ended the evening with a campfire.
We looked for falling starts but the moon was too full, we only saw one (but a really good one).
I had so much fun I wish we could do it again today!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

San Diego Zoo

Marla and the girls have a yearly pass to the zoo. Instead of getting a dual membership with Dan she has a blank dual membership. She can bring anyone she wants to the zoo or Wild Animal Park (I mean the San Diego Zoo Safari Park).  It is a great deal; especially considering that yesterday the 'anyone' she brought was ME.  Thanks Marla!
 I think more people would do this if they knew it was an option...

This picture was taken right before the unexpected orangutan XXX began.

Looking cute on a ferocious polar bear.

Marla also gets to ride the sky buckets with her membership. They made me a little nauseous, but it was worth it for the view, and the smiles.

Cute little insects... in 3D! as Elle would say.

I missed my nieces while I was on vacation!

A train ride is a perfect way to end our visit to the zoo. Just ask Ruby...

Monday, August 1, 2011

Moonlight Beach

Moonlight Beach in Encinitas is one of the best beaches in North County San Diego. KC, Holly, and Wyatt are visiting SoCal from Flagstaff so we had a mini-family reunion in wonderful sunny San Diego weather.
We chatted, drank coffee,
got a tan,

transported sea water,

boogie boarded,



compared heights,

played paddle ball,
tried to get everyone to look at the camera at the same time,
enjoyed the day off,

got wet,
and caught huge sand crabs.

Fun was to be had by all.
I look forward to visiting the Brauns in Flagstaff, we miss them already!!