Monday, October 29, 2012

Safari Park Birds

After school on Monday Marla invited me to come to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. 
We explored for a few hours, focusing on areas we don't usually go to, like the entire African Loop.  

This metal sculpture looks like the work of Ricardo Breceda (the artist who made the Anza Borrego sculptures) but I could not verify this.

The Northern ground hornbill is one of the strangest birds I have ever seen. The casque on their bill is made of keratin and is used to amplify their vocalizations. 
Super fun, Mar!  Thanks for the invite.



Sunday, October 21, 2012

Anza Borrego Art

There is more in the desert besides cacti, there is creative, incredible artwork as well. 

The owner of Galleta Meadows in Anza Borrego desert commissioned a local artist to create metal sculptures, all of which can be visited for free on his land.  I thought the art would be difficult to find but they are right on the side of the road. 

Both Megan and I had heard of these metal sculptures but today was our first visit. 
What pushed us was the rainy weather in San Diego, we plotted an successful escape.

This was taken moments before I was attacked by a jumping cholla (the cacti pictured).  It was quite an event to remove the segment of cactus and the needles from my ankle.  I would have guessed every needle had barbs at the end, but instead it was microscopic scales in the opposite direction of removal. 

The sculptures are based on fossils found in the area. 

The details are absolutely incredible.  They appear as though the artist, Ricardo Breceda from Perris, Ca, actually witnessed these creatures in person. 

 We did not see them all so I am ready to return. 
They are way cooler in person than pictures can show. 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Camping at Carlsbad

Beach camping is the best.  So, it is not exactly like getting back to nature but I have so many fond memories of beach camping as a kid with my sisters that I cannot help but love it.  How cool to be a part of the girls fond memories of beach camping. 
We didn't have the best weather (it sprinkled much of the time) but this did not put a damper on the evening. 

My aunt and uncle came to the beach site to do crafts with the girls and make dinner.  Maybe I should be more specific, both relatives came but my aunt brought crafts and dinner... 

Thanks for the dinner and desserts, Aunt Kathy!

The next day we spent the morning at community event in my aunt's neighborhood and got a head start on Halloween.  Super fun!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Elle is 8!!

Elle is one lucky eight year old.
She got to go to the movies with a friend, Sea World, and was showered with presents. 
My dad gave her this sweet pink beach cruiser.

Fred and I got her a tennis racket, pink tennis balls, and a tennis outfit.
She is already getting good!!

My dad and Gary came over to join in the 'showering Elle with presents' fun. 
(We won't see them again until they get back from Costa Rica in three weeks!)

Red velvet chocolate chip cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes.  SO GOOD!

Marla and I decided that Fred's sugar intake needed to be increased so he got a special cake topping.
Happy birthday, Elle!!
I can't believe my niece is EIGHT!! 

Friday, October 5, 2012

Joshua Tree Troubles

Joshua Tree is gorgeous. 
I lucked out and happened to head up on a cooler weekend so heat was not an issue.

I had a purpose.  To see Jessica, meet her new boyfriend,

and keep her mind off of her broken leg. 
While standing in her garden contemplating what to do next she started to turn but she bumped a Joshua tree stump.  Her leg got stuck but her body was still in motion.  A broken tibia and fibula, 9 screws and a plate later, she is on the way to recovery.

She won't be able to walk for a few months but the pain is beginning to subside.  Surprisingly enough she was in great spirits while I was there, even though the main topic of conversation was her leg and the intense discomfort.
Poor Jess!

Even though her leg is broken, it could be worse.  She has a beautiful view, it is cooling down, and her new beau is making life much easier for her (oh, and I hope I helped a little too!).