Sunday, February 24, 2013

Zoo and Cabrillo with the Nieces

Day 1:  
We explored the property (and found this shelf fungus)

We picked (and ate) blood oranges.

We attempted to eat enchiladas.  I say attempted because I accidentally made them too spicy.  I have never seen anyone chug water so fast.  I kept telling them they weren't THAT spicy but I was then told that "their little taste buds" aren't used to the spice.  (Don't worry Marla, I made them quesadillas!)

The girls couldn't wait to cool the 'little taste buds' with some Baltimore shave ice that we picked up earlier!

We watched the movie Flubber.  

We ended the evening with my mom's book A Gloddle Story.

Day 2:
We went to the San Diego zoo.

The wait was too long to see the new baby panda, but I was perfectly happy seeing the adult panda.

The girls rode on the 103 year old carousel at the entrance to the zoo.

Since there was a negative tide we went to Cabrillo National Park to explore the tide pools.

I love Cabrillo.  It is gorgeous and so unique.

This looks a lot more dangerous that it was (or at least a lot more dangerous that I remember).  

This happened about the last 20 minutes that we were there.  They stayed dry the whole time... but they just couldn't resist.  

Day 3:
We played at the house until it was time for me to drop them off.
I LOVE watching my nieces!!
I miss them already.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Convict Lake bellowing

Fred took me on a great hike just off the 395, on our way home from Mammoth, around Convict Lake.  
We had the lake almost too ourselves.  

I was drawn to the lake.  First the edges were raised, something I just cannot figure out.  Plus, the lake was talking to us.  It bellowed as the water underneath the frozen outer layer moved under the ice, and the ice amplified the noise.  It sounded haunted.  It was so cool.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Mellow Mammoth

Since there was no new snow we decided to board mellow.  We stopped once in awhile for drinks, and traversed the mountain a few times.  
It wasn't snowing, but at least it was sunny!

It looks like Fred is going into boarding battle.  

I splurged on a new pair of goggles.  
Love them.

My hiking partner, Angelika, happened to be in Mammoth this weekend.  Angelika and her husband met us for drinks at the end of the day.
(The Toasted Marshmallow at Tusks is to die for.)

Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Birthday Flag

I cannot believe that Ruby is going to be FIVE this month!  It is crazy how quickly the time goes by.

Besides her birthday outfit we picked her up this shark purse in Japan.  It was the best deal; usually 40$ but I got it for under 2$.

What a great turn out!

Marla and Dan have perfected throwing parties.  
Fred got a care package with three cupcakes, but it wasn't enough...

Marla was so excited about the trick candles she found.  As you can see they were a success.

Happy birthday Ruby!

The birthday flag brings back memories.  My mom made it and it hung for every one of our birthdays until we were older.  Luckily it was in perfect condition when we rediscovered it in the attic.  This birthday flag has seen many happy birthdays, and we just added one more to the list.