Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Elfin and snowballs

I had the girls over for their first sleepover.  It was so much fun, I cannot wait to do it again!
I wanted to take them to Elfin Forest because I thought it would be a great place to escape the heat.

There is almost always running water at the base of the mountain.

We searched for a good spot to swim because the girls didn't like the "allergies" (algae). 

After the stream at Elfin Forest Fred brought us dinner. Chinese food from Yummy Express is always YUMMY!

After dinner we headed to my new favorite shaved ice joint, Baltimore Snowball. 

Ruby got grape, cherry, and cotton candy with vanilla ice cream and Elle got grape, lemon, and orange with vanilla ice cream. 
Believe it or not they were both delicious!

We started the following morning with cartoons on the couch, followed by donuts at my favorite donut shop, Marte's (they melt in your mouth). 

Before heading back to Temecula we walked around on our property a bit.  Ruby insisted on going down a little hill to a fresh water stream (which I didn't really want to do because we were short on time), but I was glad I gave in because Ruby then found a rogue apple tree! 
The apples are super sweet.  I am so happy to know it is there!

I had Marla and Dan meet me at my dad's house because he has been super excited about his newest creation, a mosaic on the front doorstep.
It looks awesome.  No wonder he is so stoked.
Great job Dad!
Okay, now how long do I have to wait before I have my nieces over again!?
Fred is ready to adopt them but I am pretty sure my sister wouldn't go for it.  I suppose we could just throw it out there... 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Surviving ANOTHER mud run!

Marla and I survived the Lake Elsinore 2012 mud run! 
You don't need much for the run, just some clothes that you don't mind getting dirty, a good attitude, and a disposible camera.  Check! 
We are ready to go!

There were five more obstacles this year than last year.   They added an icy mud pool, and various colonies of fire ants (okay, so maybe the fire ants were just an added bonus). 

A 5k is easy when you are having so much fun!  (And not worrying about your time helps too.)

We have fun but it can be dangerous. A guy broke his leg RIGHT in front of us while sliding down the mound of mud seen behind us into a pool of mud.  He had to be rescued by helicopter. 
Oh, but we aren't about to let someone else's misery ruin our good time! 
Okay, bad joke.  Moving on...

This new obstacle made my arms sore! 
You got it Mar!!

The slip and slide is one of the last obstacles, but not your last opportunity to get dirty...

High five, Mar! We did it! 

Until next year Lake Elsinore Mud Run. 
The smelly Lake Elsinore mud is just part of the battle...

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Baltimore Snowball in Escondido

A new shaved ice place opened up in Escondido just three weeks ago.  I cannot help but be nervous when I see a new business open in this economy, especially when it does not necessarily fill a need.  Well, let me take that back.  It fills MY needs, because I LOVE shaved ice, but I worry that people do not share my sugary icy passions.
Today, while driving by (I pass it twice a day) I decided I needed to indulge.  I went with the 50/50; vanilla ice cream, dreamsicle snow, and marshmallow topping (a combo).

SOOOO GOOD!  Wow.  What a treat.  The ice cream at the bottom was not cheap vanilla ice cream, it had real vanilla bean flakes.  I am already addicted.  Thank God for new businesses willing to take risks.  I hope they make it, but after my visit I have high hopes.  I just hope that I do not have to solely keep them in business...

They gave me a coupon for next time. 
I love this place!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Nieces at the Park

Parks aren't just about fun playsets, there is plenty of nature to explore.

 My nieces and I went on a mushroom hunt. 
We couldn't believe how many different species there were in such a small radius.

Later that day my dad came over with chinese food.  Due to our exploring and the warning of not touching mushrooms, the girls freaked out when Elle found a mushroom on her plate, and then freaked out even more when I ate it.
A few hours later my sister called to inform me that during dinner both girls tried a mushroom, and liked it!
Awe, my girls are so adventeruos! 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day on Fiesta Island

Fred and I enjoyed Labor Day weekend on Fiesta Island with Malia and Walter.  Fred (who grew up in San Diego) could not believe how uncrowded the freeways, off ramps, and the Bay were.  It was a pleasant surprise considering what a gorgeous day it was.  I am already to go back and relax on the raft!


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Drinking and swimming

The morning started with breakfast at Veranda Restaurant at the Rancho Bernardo Inn (Lauren has suitcases in her car and is ready for Denver).
This was my first time to the Inn.  I hear it is a great place for happy hour so I will have to return. 

They make an excellent bloody Mary. 
What a perfect way to send Lauren off!

Dan, Marla and the girls then came over for a swim.  My landlady keeps telling me I can use the pool whenever I would like.  This is the first time I have taken advantage of this offer.  It is a beautiful pool with gorgeous views, and with my nieces you know we will be having fun!

We checked out Dixon Lake and then had a Mexican dinner, corn and cheese enchiladas, rice and a salad.  By this time Fred was home and got some quick niece time in. 
What a fun day!  I am glad I have a pool to entice my family to come visit!  :)