Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Radiator Springs Racers

Marla (who has Disneyland passes) has been trying to get fastpasses for the new Radiator Springs Racers ride since it opened, with no luck.  They sell out within the first hour, and if you stand in line it is a minimum of an hour wait.  Fred and I went straight to the fastpass line as soon as we got there, and managed to get one of the last return times available.  

Cars Land is a great addition to California Adventure.  It looks just like the cartoon, but with less cars and more humans.  

Little Mermaid, one of my favorite rides at Ca Adventure.  It is always a short wait, and I get to sing the entire time (so sad for nearby cars).  

After exploring Ca Adventure we met up my sisters and nieces who were waiting for us at Disneyland.  (Fred did not purposefully color coordinate with the girls.)

Peter Pan.

Raya's summer has begun and she scheduled her California trip to include the happiest place on earth with us!  

We waited longer in line for a Dole Whip float than we did for any ride.  
But it was so worth it.  

Tom Sawyers island.

Pirates of the Caribbean.  

Jungle Boat.

Radiator Springs Racers.

The new ride is awesome.  It is a single track in the beginning as you slowly go through the scenes of the movie, but in the end it is two tracks as you race the person behind you.  
This was one of our best trips to Disneyland by far.  We went on almost all of our favorite rides, and the longest wait we did was thirty minutes for Dole Whip.  

Like so many others, I LOVE DISNEYLAND.  

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Natural History Museum on Mother's Day

There has been an entomology exhibit at the Natural History Museum that I have been wanting to take the girls to for months.  I made plans with Marla before we realized it was Mother's day but we decided to keep the plans anyway.  Marla and I both lucked out.  Marla got to enjoy a tranquil Mother's day morning, and I got into the museum for free because it was Mother's day.  

I was impressed with the museum, it is amusing for all ages.  There is plenty to touch (even if it is too advanced to be understood by all).  

The large creature in the glass is a model of colossal ant-like creature found in the arctic in 1901.  It was brought to a lab in the 50's but when the lab closed in the 70's the body was auctioned off and the new owner is unknown.  The only picture that remains is of its claw.
Evolution is amazing.  

We learned about dinosaurs from life size animatronic dinos with lizards dangling from their mouths, snorting, roaring, etc.  It is a cool exhibit but it would have drawn out tears if Ruby were any younger.  

Okay, so I promised the girls I would let them swim in the fountain today and I am not the type of aunt to break a promise (especially since the girls never forget one).  

Awe,  I miss my nieces.  But I had to give them back to their rightful owner on this day that is Mother's day. 

10th Annual Space Day Celebration, believe it or not


Ripley's Believe It or Not is a special exhibit at the Air & Space museum that only lasts until the end of the month.  It is just 5$ more that the usual ticket price.  I knew that Elle would love all of the strange facts.  She was so excited about her first trip to a museum.  

It just so happened that today was the Air & Space museum's 10th annual space day celebration, which was totally free with the price of the ticket.  Before we even walked through the door we looked through a solar telescope at prominences on the sun.  It was spectacular.  

This is the first time that Ripley's exhibit has been to San Diego since 1935.  
Robert Ripley traveled around the world collecting amazing, strange. amusing, wonderful things.  

Buzz Aldrin Figure in Eye of Needle
You need a microscope to view the Buzz Aldrin sculpture in the eye of this needle.  

Pull up, Elle!

After Ripleys we got to partake in all of the space day activities.  They walked on 'moon shoes'.     

They got to see the color that different ions become in an excited state.  

They observed what happens when you mix liquid nitrogen and soap bubbles.  

Garret Reisman was a guest speaker at the event.  He was a NASA astronaut who took part in two spaceflight missions, completed two spacewalks (logging 14 hours outside in space), spent 95 days the International Space Station, and is hilarious (he was on the Colbert Report while living on the Space Station).  He joked about how if you spend 100 days in space you get a patch.  He begged Mission Control to let him orbit around Earth a few more times, but they insisted he came home right then.  He wants everyone to know he is NOT bitter about it at all.  

It was a hot day in San Diego.  We cooled off with some Dippin' Dots,  

and also in the fountain.   

The flowers in the botanical garden are always incredible, but most of them were a blur as Ruby was in charge of our pace.  

Apparently hanging out on the grass, with all of their toys from Space Day, was 'the best'.  I was exhausted and tried my best to stay awake even though a nap was sounding really good.  What a day!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Slow Boat on Dixon Lake

After meeting Marla in a parking lot to do a kid transfer, and getting Baltimore Snow, we picked up Fred and went straight to Dixon Lake (the lake a mile from our house).  Fred disappeared while we were looking at squirrels and minutes later came back to surprise the girls with the motor boat he had rented.  
(I have other pictures but I love this one of Ruby overreacting to the bright sun.)

First Fred taught Elle how to drive the boat.  (Marla, you know that it wouldn't be a sleepover without an element of danger... just kidding.  The boat was super slow.)

Then Ruby commandeered the boat.  She was, of course, a natural.  

I LOVE watching my nieces!  They are so much fun, and so sweet, and so darn cute!   

After the boat ride we ate Chinese food at my favorite local Chinese restaurant (Yummy Express) and then played board games.  It was a great start to the weekend!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Easy as paddling a paddle board

Due to Fred's injuries we have not been able to do our usual surfing together.  He has been wanting to try paddle boarding to build up his upper body strength again so he rented today.  I met him at the Carlsbad lagoon after work, tutoring, and talent show rehearsals, so it was pretty late by the time I got there.  I didn't feel like going through the hassle of putting on a wet suit, etc. for thirty minutes of paddle boarding so I just went for it in my work clothes.   

I think that being fully clothed pushed me harder not to fall, BUT it was pretty easy so I am sure I would have stayed dry either way.  Maybe it will be another story next month when Raya and I try stand up paddle yoga.  

I am not planning on picking this up as a sport but it was fun for a change (and I was pretty impressed about my skills in my skirt).