Thursday, August 4, 2011

San Diego Zoo

Marla and the girls have a yearly pass to the zoo. Instead of getting a dual membership with Dan she has a blank dual membership. She can bring anyone she wants to the zoo or Wild Animal Park (I mean the San Diego Zoo Safari Park).  It is a great deal; especially considering that yesterday the 'anyone' she brought was ME.  Thanks Marla!
 I think more people would do this if they knew it was an option...

This picture was taken right before the unexpected orangutan XXX began.

Looking cute on a ferocious polar bear.

Marla also gets to ride the sky buckets with her membership. They made me a little nauseous, but it was worth it for the view, and the smiles.

Cute little insects... in 3D! as Elle would say.

I missed my nieces while I was on vacation!

A train ride is a perfect way to end our visit to the zoo. Just ask Ruby...


  1. What an awesome series of photos! And it looks like a spectular day! I am a sucker for faces in holes photos. Way cute. Great job documenting the day and taking us all along with you!

  2. great photos sis. i love how elle said her head was in 3D so funny. what a great day.


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