Monday, January 6, 2014

The potato museum and lava hot springs

There are signs for the potato museum posted on the 15 freeway driving from Salt Lake to Idaho; who wouldn't want to go?!  Apparently most people.  Luckily I managed to convince/trick Fred.  
We learned a lot!

Marilyn Monroe posed in a potato sack in 1952.  

Potatoes originally came from Peru.  They were brought to Europe after the conquest.  Potatoes came to Ireland in the 1600s which allowed the Irish population to increase five fold within a hundred years.  For two hundred years they lived almost exclusively on potatoes until a potato fungus caused the Irish Potato famine and reversed their population progress.  

Thomas Jefferson is credited for bringing french fries to the United States.  

After reading and learning about potatoes we had to indulge.  There is nothing better than an Idaho potato! 

We continued to Salt Lake, stopping at Lava Hot Springs for a dip.  Lava Hot Springs are completely natural, geothermal hot springs which range from 102°- 112°.  It was an epic way to end our trip.  

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  1. Man, you guys find all the fun stuff to do!!! I love the history of Idaho potatoes and Fred does not seemed bummed at all to be with Norma Jean. Wild stuff.

    Okay the Lava Hot Springs are awesome looking. Way, way fun. I would say all was a success. Thanks for sharing.


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