Saturday, April 4, 2015

OR 9/10- Portland and more stuff

The morning began at the Portland Saturday Market; we were two out of a million people that annually visit the market.  It is a great place for product and people watching 

Bow ties for cats and dogs.

It is difficult to tell but this Portlander is wearing a knife headband; his booth sells something that everyone needs, headbands that give the illusion of various items going through your head.

Toothbrush holder art.

I was so stoked on this drip coffee because we hadn't had a good cup of coffee the entire time we were in Oregon.  Oregonians like WEAK coffee.  I even upset an Oregonian coffee shop owner who roasted his own beans in house.  We ordered two medium coffees and it was so weak it was not drinkable, so I got the employee (not the owner) to give us a dark roast (quickly before the owner returned) but we all got caught.  In a pissy huff, the owner explained how this is how a medium roast is supposed to be.  We left the store, dark roasts in hand, which tasted equally as poor.  It was so disappointing, it was so undrinkable.  That was our first day in Astoria, before we realized this is just an Oregon thing.  

The White Stag sign is a Portland icon.  The sign has changed hands since the 1940s, it has read 'white satin sugar', 'white stag sportswear', 'made in Oregon' (when it was designated as a historical landmark) and it now reads 'Portland Oregon'.  

Portland is known to be one of the most bike friendly cities in the nation. More than 17,000 Portlanders bike to work, the highest percentage for a large city,  This is astounding considering that it rains in Portland more than 150 days out of the year, leaving the roads slick and covered in algae.  It is amazingly frustrating that more San Diegans don't bike to work, when our roads are as dry as a bone.

Glasses bike rack,

Bridge bike rack.

Car bike rack (so ironic).

Deschutes Brewery is based out of Bend, Oregon, but there is a popular Deschutes Brewery and Public House in Portland.  

They have 19 beers on tap (no, we did not have all of them, just most).

The Public House is famous for its food.  Eric decided to try the fried chicken and sourdough waffle, topped with a sweet kale salad.  

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  1. Love, love, love Farmers' Markets. AND the guy with stuff coming out of one's head... priceless. Did you want to buy something? Do I see a halo of spoons?

    I loved all the bike racks and the stats. I appreciate clever and that town seems to have it going on.

    The beer flight... delicious.

    Laughed out loud, again, with the last photo. Eric should be proud of that accomplishment. Wow and YUM.

    Thanks for sharing Portland with us armchair travelers.


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