Friday, October 30, 2015

Catalina 1- arrival, snorkel and dinner

With our ducks all in a row we departed for Catalina Island to celebrate Eric's birthday.  

The amazing thing about Catalina is that as soon as you get there you feel like you are on vacation.  
There are not many snorkeling oppotunities more rewarding than the dive park.  
It is free and stuffed full of fish.

The only problem with the dive park is that the divers feed the fish, and (I am assuming) dump their unused food near the stairs upon their exit so now the fish have become accustomed to eating at the stairs.  These fish literally attacked Eric as he was heading in (I got cold earlier).  

Our last objective of the day was to celebrate Eric's birthday at Steve's Steakhouse (which has a variety of delicious, unsteaky items).  

Happy birthday, Eric!

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  1. When I was a kid, we had a small boat and took it to Catalina a few times. Steve took me for a birthday once and we have been twice with our boys. It's been a long time and your post brought back memories.

    I love the fish photos. They are almost surreal. BEAUTIFUL.

    I love the photo of Eric in front of Eric's even though you ate at Steve's... funny stuff.

    I love all that you share and you really do 'bring me along' through your posts. I've missed them.


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