Friday, January 20, 2017

City by the Bay 1

Heavy rain, fog, 25 mph wind, an hour long flight delay, extreme road rage, and we still made it!  SAN to SFO should be easier...
I think we were lucky.  The freeway was completely backed up going north on the 5, and the flight that was supposed to leave 3 hours before us was waiting in the same terminal as us at the airport (that is never a good sign).  Surprisingly, the delay was just an hour.
It wasn't too late to hit the ground running.
We met up with my friend, Brittany, at 1st Amendment Brewery.  
(I got to sample this beer on the airplane... purely research...)

I tried Brew Free or Die IPA earlier (it is always good to think about death on airplanes), so both Eric and I got the Blood Orange IPA.  
We have 2 nights and 2.2 days, so we are making the most of it.  

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