Saturday, October 28, 2017

Seattle 2/3

Hey!  It's the birthday boy!
Our day started off at Maritime Pacific Brewing Company in Ballard (point A on the map below). 

Ballard is home to more breweries than any other Seattle neighborhood (or even any Portland neighborhood).

Just a short five minute walk away, our next stop was Lucky Envelope Brewing (point H).  They had some very interesting beers, even some brewed with different cereals.  Populuxe Brewing was recommended for cutting edge beers.  I don't know what is more cutting edge than Count Chocula Red, but we were not about to find out.

Seattle is known for their ciders and Lucky Envelope always features guest ciders on tap (the one on the left).  It is very light in color, but not light in taste.

The last stop of the afternoon was Stoup, point F.  
It was meant to be, they brew It's Your Birthday IPA, and have an upstairs kid free zone.

It's Your Birthday. 

Although the Ballard Locks are one of Seattle's top attractions, I have never been.  
Thousands of migrating salmon pass through the fish ladder each summer.  This coho was swimming solo, in the tail end of the migrating season.  If you are fishing for a rating, on a scale of 1-5, I give it a 5.  

Opposite the fish ladder are the Ballard Locks.  The locks were built in 1917, to allow transport between the Puget Sound and fresh water lakes like Lake Union and Lake Washington.  

We found a highly rated pizza place, Masonry Fired Pizza, just a block from our hotel so this is where the evening ended.  

Bring us our pizza please...

They even had homemade confetti cake ice cream!
Happy birthday, Eric!

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  1. How come I feel hungry right now? You have shared some wonderful Seattle secrets, photographed exceptionally well. I want to go now!
    Happy Birthday Eric indeed.


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