Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fisherman's Camp and San Mateo Trail

Fred took Patrick and I on a new hike, to Fisherman's Camp trail in the Cleveland National Forest. We did about 4 miles total, continuing on from Fisherman's Camp to San Mateo trail. 

This is the very beginning of the hike.  
I love oak trees. They are majestic. 

It was a beautiful day, it has been unusually cool lately (in the 70s), and it couldn't have been better for a hike in California chaparral. 

There were no rattlers or taranchulas, but plenty of lizards.  (I was hoping for at least one taranchula.)

Awe, Freddy, you are such a cute big brother...showing Patrick how to read maps. 
Next step, figuring out how to avoid the poison oak! 

After our hike, Marla and the girls came over for lunch.  
The girls took to Patrick immediately (as we all did). 
Patrick, we are going to miss you!

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  1. Dear Brady,
    First off, love the new template. Way fun and easy to read. Nice job.

    Secondly, great photos. I love the sky in them and the fact that you continually introduce me to new things and give me ideas of places I want to go. Thanks for sharing.

    AND the girls... so cute. I love the pumpkins. Halloween is in the air here in Ireland too. Weird. Missing you all.


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