Thursday, March 29, 2012

Invasive Kimonos

For the past 5 years my friend, Megumu, has been a diligent student at the National Institute of Polar Research studying invasive, non-indigenous species introduced into Antarctica.
 She graduated this week and so wore a traditional furisode for the ceremony, a kimono with long flowing sleeves.

The extravagant kimono looks so elegant.  I wish it was a part of our culture to wear such beautiful graduation attire!
I hope in the future someone studies the introduction of non-indigenous kimonos into the United States.

'Yay, Mu!!!'... is what these men are thinking. 

Megumu holding her well deserved degree. 

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  1. When I was in Japan, my host mom dressed me in the most beautiful kimono. The ritual and tradition of it all made me feel truly connected to that place and time. Seeing Megumu is all her glory is an extra reminder of the wonder that is Japan.

    I congratulate her for her amazing accomplishment. She's a sweetie and deserves this honor.


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