Wednesday, April 4, 2012

San Diego Safari

My sister, nieces and I spent the late afternoon at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. 
What a gorgeous day!

There are many signs posted in front of the gorilla exhibit warning to not make eye contact with these huge animals (which I wasn't!) but I think this gorilla wanted a piece of me anyway...

It is difficult to tell how massive these gorillas are but at 450 pounds and with 10 inch hands, I think not making eye contact is a safe bet...

It is nice to have a pass to the Safari Park because there are always organisms waiting to be oohed and awed over. (And it is even nicer when your sister has a pass and takes you for free! Thanks, Mar!)

I have never been to the bat exhibit before. It is fun to observe them up close, and behind a protective barrier. The biodiversity on our planet is incredible. There are so many wondrous adaptations to be seen!


The real reason for our afternoon San Diego Safari was to witness the butterflies. The exhibit showcases fourteen different species of butterflies, for the brief period of three weeks once a year. After seeing my sisters pictures I practically begged her to take me. It was even more amazing than I imagined. 

After going on a butterfly trip with Ecolife Foundation I thought I had seen a life time's worth of monarchs, but they are so pretty you really can't see too many. 

The last trip to the butterflies was a big disappointment for Ruby... not one landed on her!  She was ecstatic to have a second chance, and her little dreams came true. A paper kite chose her to momentarily rest its wings.

Pink is the orange julia's color of choice. She must realize how nice the contrast is...

Elle has seemingly (and delightedly) tamed this giant owl butterfly. 

We spent an hour in the Butterfly Jungle. It was difficult at times to overcome the humidity, but it was difficult to tear ourselves away. 

I know we missed about half of them, but the ones we did see were spectacular. 

After all the walking around we deserved an automated foot massage. (Unfortunately, my sister is too old for me to trick her into rubbing my feet!)  

"The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough." ~Rabindranath Tagore

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  1. These are amazing, stunning photos. I knew you didn't think you would be impressed because of your big butterfly adventure but WOW. What a gorgeous series of photos.

    The last two butterfly pictures are my favorite. Beautiful color and sharp focus. Stunning. AND your quote is one of my all time favorites.

    I like this too, "Butterflies are self propelled flowers".


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