Saturday, May 26, 2012

Meg and Steve Say I DO

The weather in Palm Springs Does not get better than this.  It was in the mid-80's, an ideal wedding temperature.  

Steve's cousin, John, was the officiant.  It was short and sweet, and totally them.  
Look how happy they are!

Every last detail was perfect.

A traditional wedding lasso goes perfectly with the theme of the wedding; plus on Steve's side of the family it has been done for generations.  It is symbolic of the love that will bond them for eternity.  

This wedding is going down in history as one of the most epic weddings ever!

They walked down the aisle as Husband and Wife to live mariachi music.  

Let the party begin! 
Oh wait, we started yesterday...

Abby and Dave were another couple we spent a lot of time with.  
They are hilarious, and very reddish/orange in color.

Yay, Meg! Now you are an old married broad like me.

Alyssa and I are looking super neutral. 

We danced for hours.  The DJ started with the 40's and played music throughout the decades. 
This couple matched the earlier decades well.  

Towards the end of the night we got wind of a plan to toss Steven into the pool.  Since it wasn't Megan they were planning on throwing in I went inside to grab my camera!

Look at these crazed men, figuring out who they are going to take down next!  Within 15 minutes there were probably 15 people who were in the water, most of them clothed.  Including the general manager who apparently could not spit out that he was the manager fast enough.  Needless to say the party was immediately over after security was called.  

"There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage."  -Martin Luther
This is so true.  There is nothing better than being married to the right person.  


  1. Congrats Meg and Steve!, the wedding looks lovely and so does everyone there :)

  2. Marla said...
    Congrats Megan and steve. Everything looks beautiful and a fun party for everyone. Love freddys outfit very palm springy.

  3. Brady you do tell quite a story through your posts. This is a riot! I loved seeing the plot thicken. It truly is one of the most unique wedding posts I've read. Well done.

    And we are so happy for the bride and groom. They look happy. Here's to happily-ever-after! Woo hoo.


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