Friday, May 11, 2012

South Carlsbad State Beach

Marla, Dan, and the girls got a campsite at South Carlsbad State Beach for the weekend. The girls love the beach and couldn't wait to search for shells and rocks.  

My aunt and uncle live just up the street and offered to make dinner for everyone.  
Thanks Aunt Kathy (and Uncle Steve)! 

Meatball sandwiches at the beach, what a great idea! Kathy bought soyballs for me (which are delicious).  The real meatballs were made from scratch (as were the cupcakes).  YUMMY! 

Just a few days ago Ruby had her training wheels taken off her bike (Dan had his taken off weeks ago).  
They are fast learners!

Just try to keep the girls out of trees.  
I feel like I am reliving my childhood when I hang out with my nieces.  

Steve is rocking Elle's accessories.  
This was totally his idea, he wasn't forced into it at all.

Love this picture. The Helton's are happy campers. :)

Ruby doesn't seem understand that she needs to hold the camera still when she takes a picture.  But since she is four we can let it slide...

My nieces... the biggest goofballs ever!


  1. I absolutely love the photo with the rocks in the foreground! Very artsy of you Brady.

    The photo of the Helton family should be their Christmas card. It's classic. Not perfectly posed but captures the love!

    Looks like a yummy and fun day at the beach. So sweet... all of it.

  2. what a fun day and weekend. glad you came to dinner and took that sweet family pic. you really earned your magic bullet lid.


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