Wednesday, June 20, 2012

4 Weeks in Nicaragua and Costa Rica

This is my first trip traveling by myself since Guatemala. I am paying a bit more money on lodging, avoiding dorm-style hostels wherever I can because I don't feel comfortable as an old lady in a mixed dorm rooms anymore! Also, there are a few places where I am paying way more than I would prefer because of the location and lodging reviews.

Here is my Central America itinerary.

July 3rd:
Location: LAX to MGA (Managua, Nicaragua)

July 4th- 11th: 
Location: San Juan de la Concepion, Nicaragua
Lodging: Homestay, arranged by La Mariposa Spanish School and Eco-Hotel.
Cost: 225$/ week (meals and Spanish classes included)
Activities: Volunteer on an organic farm, take Spanish classes, teach English classes, visit local villages (miss my Dad's birthday on the 10th)

July 11th-13th:
Location: Granada, Nicaragua 
Lodging: Hostal El Momento.
Cost: 12$ (room with a private bathroom and kitchen available for use)
Activities: Mombacho volcano, Masaya volcano, colonial churches

July 13th- 15th:
Location: Isla Ometepe (in Moyogalpa), Nicaragua 
Lodging: Hospedaje Soma.
Cost: 22$/ night (room with a shared bathroom and breakfast)
Activities: Hike volcanoes, visit a coffee farm, wildlife, waterfalls

July 15th- 17th: 
Location: Leon, Nicaragua 
Lodging: Hostel Sonati.
Cost: 15$/ night (room with a private bathroom and a kitchen available for use)
Activities: Colonial churches, museums 
RETROSPECT: Skip Leon unless you want to do volcano tours, and don't stay with Sonati.

July 17th-19th: 
Location: San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua 
Lodging: Yajure Surf Hostel.
Cost: 10$/ night (dorm room with shared bathroom and breakfast)
Activities: Beach, Sea Turtles

July 19th: 
Location: Rivas, Nicaragua (last large town on the way to Costa Rica)
Lodging: Hotel Dalinky.
Cost: 25$/ night (room with private bathroom)
Activities: Meander

July 20th- 22nd:
Location: La Fortuna, Costa Rica
Lodging: Arenal Observatory Lodge.
Cost: 74$/ night (room with shared bathroom and breakfast, some free tours)
Activities: Volcano watch, hiking, waterfalls, night walks, wildlife (miss Raya's birthday on the 20th)

July 22nd- 24th:
Location: Santa Elena, Costa Rica 
Lodging: Cabinas Eddy.
Cost: 25$/ night (room with private bathroom and breakfast)
Activities: Monterverde Cloud Forest, wildlife, waterfalls
RETROSPECT:  You cannot get to Osa Peninsula in one day.  You have to stay in San Jose and take the 5 am TRACOPA bus to Palmar Norte.  I ended up only staying one night here (great hotel).

July 24th-27th:
Location: Osa Peninsula (Drake Bay), Costa Rica 
Cost: 15$/ night (room with shared bathroom)
Activities: Hike Corcovado National Park, beach, wildlife (miss Marla's birthday on the 25th)

July 27th- 30th:
Location: Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica 
Lodging: Natural Pacific Suites.
Cost: 60$/ night (suite with kitchen)
Activities: Hike Manuel Antonio National Park, beach, wildlife

July 30th:
Location: San Jose, Costa Rica 
Lodging: Hostel Casa del Parque.
Cost: 42$/ night (room with private bathroom)
Activities: Meander

July 31st: 
Location: SJO (San Jose) to LAX, picked up by my hubby
Lodging: Our house
Cost: 1,000$/ month
Activities: Mind your own business


  1. wow what a trip! cant wait to hear stories and see pictures. amazing. oh and open my birthday present. haha

  2. Sounds like a fun and adventurous trip, can't wait to see pictures and hear stories :)

  3. sounds wonderful Brady! So proud of you. You are my hero. So Brave, smart, determined and fulfilled. What a great trip, can't wait to see more. Be safe.....

  4. Did you plan this trip to miss your whole families birthdays?

  5. Brady, this is so diverse and exceptional. Sea turtles, volcanoes, volunteerism, wow. You will return with some truly unforgettable memories. How exciting. Cicely's comment cracks me up. Yes, you do plan elaborate ways of getting out of birthday commitments.

    It will be a month of amazement. You have planned well my friend. You are the modern day Robert Frost, “I took the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”

  6. Que disfrutes de buena salud, veas paisajes, ciudades y locales maravillosos, y que regreses sin contratiempo.

  7. Awesome Brady! I wish we had been travel buddies years ago when we were at UCSD - I had no idea how adventurous you are :). I stayed at Arenal Observatory Lodge too - LOVED it!! Super cool property with amazing views of the volcano - we watched fire cascade down it until the wee hours of the morning one night. SURREAL. If you get a chance, the Zipline tours are sweet as down there. Can't wait to hear about the trip!


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