Saturday, August 4, 2012

Beaches and the Del Mar Races

Yay! So good to see my nieces.  After driving home from Ventura county I met up with my sisters and my nieces at Tamarack beach.

Raya and Josh are visiting from Idaho.  They had already been here for a week since Josh's sister got married so I had to maximize our hang out time.  My dad, his friend's Gary and John, Andy and his son, Josh and Raya, Marla and the girls all met at the beach for the day. 

The following day Dan and Marla, and Josh and Raya all went to the Del Mar racetrack.  We parked at the Solana beach train station, then took the free double decker shuttle.

I love the race track.  I have only been a few times, and never had a bad experience (loosing money or winning.. it is fun no matter what!).  Marla got her first dose of the track, but she is one of those who would rather have those few betable dollars in her purse. 

I won 32$ in the second race.  Not bad, a net profit of 28$!

My aunt and uncle (well, my aunt) watched the girls while we went to the track.  Fred met up with us for dinner and dessert at their house in Carlsbad afterwards.
Everything was delicious!   

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  1. Congrats on your $28 profit. I love that photo. I can just hear what the guy is saying, "You want a photo of what?" Too YOU to take that.

    Great photos of a great day. I did not know about the double decker shuttle. How cool is that. You continue to inform and amaze. Thanks babe.


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