Tuesday, July 31, 2012

San Jose, Costa Rica (¡el último dia!)

Today, after relaxing in the morning, I caught the 12PM bus to San Jose.  I only had a few hours of exploring to do before it got dark (my hunker down time) but I was happy to see what I could.
I am standing in front of el museo nacional (a fortress built in 1917 originally used as military barracks).

El teatro nacional, built in 1891.

Adentro del teatro nacional.

I stopped into el Museo del Oro Precolombino. 
Such a cool museo!  It is fascinating to see objects that were made over a thousand years ago.  The items are gorgeous, unique, and ooze creativity of indigenous peoples. 
I did not have a sufficient amount of time in here.  They had to basically push me out the door at closing time. 

Do not touch?!  I really need a glass barrier.  I managed to follow the rules but it is so tempting (I am the same way at art museums). 

Okay, this is something that really bothers me.  Not only did they hang this piece by poking holes directly into it, but the first attempt must have left the object crooked because they had to poke two more holes in it.  Terrible!

This is a representation of a woman and child. 
The only women who had statues created of themselves were women of authority (leaders, warriors, etc.).  This woman appears strong, and intimidating.

El parque nacional, right across from my hostel.  I only had half a day but I am happy with the brief San Jose stint.
What a great end to my trip!! 
USA here I come!


  1. Nice skirt it looked good on you, I am the same way in museums I want to touch it and I am more tempted when there is barriers :)

  2. I'm saddened that this particular adventure has come to an end. I have enjoyed all the history, beauty and memories you have shared here Brady. However, knowing you like I do, there is another adventure waiting around the corner.

    Thank you for bringing us along with you!


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