Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Page 5- Lower Antelope canyon kayak

We set off for lower Antelope canyon from Antelope Point marina.  It is about a mile and a half of paddling just to get out of the marina, but Antelope canyon is close by, and it was not worth paying another 65$ per person for a shuttle.  

The water level is so low right now (about 100 feet lower than when it is full) that rock formations become visible that would typically be under water.  The water level is drawn onto the face of the canyon since water bleaches the red Navajo sandstone. 

 Three miles from the marina is the entrance to hike lower Antelope canyon.  
Each canyon is spectacular and unique. 

Nature is so incredible; I love seeing the results of natural selection.  

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  1. Photos, videos, commentary... all beyond description. Thank you for the tour... wish I was there.


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