Sunday, April 20, 2014


The girls' second beanie boo gift of the day (happiness brought to you by Lisa).    
Original happiness brought to you by the Easter bunny (my sister is a terrible parent).  
At least the girls are loved by Santa, the Easter bunny and the tooth fairy.  

When Marla mentioned that the fam was spending Easter at the beach I immediately jumped on board, as did Lisa.  The beach is the perfect location for just about any occasion.  It was an ideal beach day.  

Derrick, Hilary, and their little beanie boo Mina met up with us too.  
Seaside Easter's are contagious.  

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  1. We, too, were at the beach (lakeside). I don't think it was as warm as your beach, however. Love all of these photos. Marla's family photo is adorable. Fun. Glad you had such an amazing Easter.

    Bunnies are cuddly
    The large and the small
    But I like chocolate ones
    The best of them all.


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