Friday, January 9, 2015

I can't believe I am in Russia- Day 11- Belorusskiy (Moscow)

My last and final day in Russia:
 It took about 30 minutes to get to Belorusskiy, the train station where the aeroexpress is located.  
Although by this time the word Bblxoa was easily recognized I appreciated the English words. 

I only had to wait 15 minutes for the aeroexpress, and 35 minutes later I was at the Sheremetyevo airport. 

It was hard to believe I was leaving.  I spent months wondering if I should go, worried about my safety while there but it only took moments to realize how ridiculous my fear was, totally based on hype.  It is upsetting to think that I even thought about not going.  My travels would have been far from complete without Russia.  (Yes, there are dangerous places in Russia but in a country almost twice the size of the US they are fairly easy to avoid.)  The layers of history, architecture, perseverance, art, and culture which make up Russia is something that needs to be experienced.  Russia is simply amazing.

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  1. Nice summation of your trip Brady. I'm glad you went to share it with me. I don't think I can foresee a trip there, anytime soon, but I thoroughly delighted in all your tales, photos, and history lessons.

    Well done madame traveler. Well done!


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