Saturday, June 27, 2015

Peregrinating Oceanside

Peregrinate- to travel, especially on foot (and in this case, fins).

Zebra perch, garibaldi, opal eye, and more swim at the Oceanside harbor.
Who would have guessed?

After returning from the snorkel I told a neighbor what we had done.  He proclaimed that he really wanted to spearfish garibaldi.  He seemed shocked when I told him that garibaldi are our state fish, and they are not legally spearfishable.
Just in case you don't know, unless you are a sea lion or an eel, don't hunt garibaldi.  
If you are a sea lion or an eel, good job reading.  It's not easy, but you are doing it!

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  1. Oh and just in case anyone wants to know who you were peregrinating with, it's me, Denise. The adventurous friend who would get into the Pacific Ocean at 8:30 AM.

    It was surprisingly warm and very exciting, I have to admit. I stayed with the hosts with the mosts! Way fun. Thank you friends.


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