Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A month minus a few days- El Salvador and Honduras itinerary

I leave for Central America on Monday.  If you need to find me while I am gone you should probably know where El Salvador and Honduras are.  Please quiz yourself below, just in case.

Did you find me?
#5 and #8.
After this trip I will have been to all of the countries in Central America except Cuba, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic (#4, #9, and #7).  But those don't really count.  They aren't part of the mainland.  It would be like if Hawaii was a country.

My trip planning is complete.  I have included the three things that I believe every trip to Latin America must have; nature, ancient ruins, and colonial cities.
1) July 27-29 Suchitito, El Salvador at El Gringo Hostal (waterfalls and ruins)
2) July 29- August 1 Juayua, El Salvador at Hotel Anahuac (waterfalls and El Imposible national park)
3) August 1-3 Copan Ruinas, Honduras at Dona Elena (ruins)
4) August 3-6 Utila, Honduras at Pirate's Bay (diving and snorkeling)
5) August 6-8 Comayagua, Honduras at Hotel Casa Grande (ruins and colonial city)
6) August 8-10 Usulutan, El Salvador at El Campo Real and Hostal Pirryata (transitioning...)
7) August 10-17 Bahia de Jaquilisco, El Salvador with the Eastern Pacific Hawksbill Initiative (volunteering)
8) August 17-20 El Sunzal, El Salvador at Los Almendros (beach)


  1. You never fail to impress me with your travel itineraries! This one seems extraordinary to me. I look forward to being there with you as you travel, experience, learn and grow. What an adventure!

    Safe sojourns my amiga. I'm so excited for you.

  2. Yeah! Sounds amazing to me, I am so excited for you and your trip! I always love looking at your pictures! <3


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