Sunday, November 29, 2015

Death Valley, day 3

At 282 feet below sea level Death Valley is the 8th lowest depression on Earth and the lowest in North America.  It was something that we didn't want to miss so we drove to Badwater Basin in the morning.  

The name Badwater comes from the 'bad water' here.  Although there is a spring it mixes with the salt making it undrinkable. 

Badwater Basin is a vast salt flat.  
I even ate some salt after Eric sparked my interest by telling me it wasn't as salty as he thought it would be.  
For the record it is exactly as salty as you would think it would be.   

And that is all she wrote.  It was time to head back home and face the reality that is work.  

I don't think a trip (as incredible as it was) would have been complete without seeing the infamous wild, wild horses.  

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  1. Bad Water is one of my favorite spots. I love the salt crystals and the promise of life in such a barren place.

    The snow everywhere is incredible.

    The wild mustang is very picturesque. You make the most of your escapes. Looks like a great first visit to Death Valley.


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