Saturday, December 26, 2015

On the first day of Tahoe

The drive to Tahoe from Oceanside is 500 miles.  It is supposed to take 9.5 hours but it took Eric and I 12 hours.  
There are many factors to blame; wind, pit stops, snowy roads, picture opportunities... 
what a gorgeous day.  

Mono Lake is the oldest lake in North America.  I can only imagine that it has elongated countless of 395 road trips over its hundreds of thousands of years in existence, not just ours.  
It is a terminal lake which means it has no outlet.  Over time it collects salts from Eastern Sierra rocks, creating a body of water that is 2.5 times saltier than the ocean.  

Lake Mono foam is created from winds that agitate the carbonate rich water.

Another result of carbonate in the water are tufa.  Tufa are towers made from calcium carbonate (basically limestone) created when the carbonates in the lake water react with calcium in fresh water springs.  Tufa towers grow exclusively underwater; the water level dropped after water began to be diverted to Los Angeles in 1941.

A tufa window. 

A tufa photobomb.  

A tufa reflection.

Tufa sailboats.

We got up to Tahoe just after sunset.  
Day one of our Tahoe trip will have to wait for day two.

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