Wednesday, December 30, 2015

On the fifth day of Tahoe

For our last 2015 snowshoe in Tahoe we went to Echo Echo Echo Echo Lake.  (Say it again like it is meant to be said, with an echo effect.)  

There was more snow in the trees here than any of the other trails we had snowshoed.

It is important to read warning signs carefully when there are words like 'avalanche' and 'explosives' involved.

We ended the evening on a Pint and Paddles cruise, which departed out of Zephyr Cove Marina, listening to Ike and Martin, one of Steve and Denise's favorite bands.  

It was a cold wait, but if we got any closer to the paddle boat the captain honked warning us to back away until we were officially permitted to board.  We should have looked cold instead of cute.

It was a great performance, and the perfect way to end our Tahoe trip.  

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