Saturday, April 23, 2016

Tecate- Pueblo Mágico

Tecate has been inhabited for over ten thousand years by the Kumiai people, but its official title as a town, according to the Mexican government, began in 1892.  Since then, the town has been influenced by its major industries, various factories, the production of malt which eventually turned into the brewery business, all of which have brought families and schools and more business.  Its history has shaped it into a city that now has the title of Pueblo Mágico. "Un Pueblo Mágico es una localidad que tiene atributos simbólicos, leyendas, historia, hechos trascendentes, cotidianidad, en fin magia que te emanan en cada una de sus manifestaciones socio-culturales, y que significan hoy día una gran oportunidad para el aprovechamiento turístico".  (A Magical Town is a town that has symbolic attributes, legends, history, important historical events, characteristic daily life, and charm which emanates into all of its socio-cultural manifestations, which means that today it is a great opportunity for the enjoyment of tourists.)  This sums of Tecate well.  It received the title (from the Mexico Tourism Board) back in 2012.  I started going to Tecate regularly towards the end of 2013.  Starting last year they have done some major remodeling (increasing the size of the park, improving the facades of buildings, reducing hanging electric wires).  It looks better than ever, and they are not done.  They have completely torn up the beer garden at the Tecate Brewery (it is a dirt lot now).  I am assuming that they will be opening up a museum on their property, because they took back all of the brewery related artifacts from the Tecate Community Museum (this is just a guess).  

My walking tour of Tecate always includes the park, the church, the bakery, the Tecate Community Museum, the brewery (I can only hope they have plans for improvement, not that it needed it), the railroad station (weekday only), and my favorite taco shop.  I do this every time I return to Tecate and it never gets old.  There is always something new to see.  Tecate has so much culture, and it is just right over the border.  
A border which never has a queue when returning back home after a day of exploring.

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  1. Being I have been on this adventure with Brady, before, I can say first hand how amazing it was. This post brings back all our memories: the sights, smells, sounds and tastes of this incredible, yes magical, Mexican village. What great photos. Thanks for the memory Brady.


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