Saturday, May 21, 2016

Mickey Shaped Pretzel

I have been to Disneyland many times (more than most but less than some...) and I have never seen this before.  The fire department was greeting guests.  They are just rubbing it in with those Micky hands...

Our first stop was Space Mountain since it can accumulate a long cue.  Eric hadn't been on it since it became 'Hyperspace' and they added all the videos.  It is unnecessary, but its fun.  

The best Mad Hatter ever (sorry Johnny).

Eric had never been to the Tiki Room before.  
We always used to go when we were younger and it definitely reminds me of being a kid, since I always believed that it was actually raining outside during the show.  

Dole whip float.

Happy birthday Disneyland.  
In the past 60 years over two billion people have visited the park.  At that time they had no idea how much money the entrance would cost, or how many people there would be in the world.

I made a reservation for lunch at the Blue Bayou the last time I was at Disneyland.  Reservations aren't easy to come by.  It was my first time ever eating at the restaurant.  I always thought it would be distracting to have boats go by and to be in the midst of that stagnant Caribbean water smell, but it wasn't.  For Disneyland, the food prices are not bad, and its good.

After Eric got called onto stage he was never the same.  

Fame can really go to a persons head.

Disneyland has Mickey shaped pretzel's now!  Someone got a raise for that idea...

Yay!  It was Eric and my first trip to Disneyland together, and we really lucked out for a Saturday, until about noon when Disneyland was flooded with patrons in search of a Mickey shaped pretzel.  

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