Friday, December 30, 2016

Four 💗's Tahoe

Wild, wild horses, 🎝couldn't take me away... ♫
Dang this song is hard to get out of your head, which is especially bad when these are the only known lyrics.
Wild, wild horses, 🎝couldn't take me away... ♫

In the 1800's Virginia City was the first industrialized city between San Francisco and Denver.  
And there was gold and silver and them thar hills.  Or so they say.
At its peak it had 25,000 residents, including Mark Twain (a news boy), and countless miners and prostitutes.  

Wild, wild horses, 🎝couldn't take me away... ♫

Eric was a miner in a previous life.

I think I need a player piano.

In Nevada, they have plastic to-go cups for your unfinished beer.
Thank you, Virgina City Brewery and Tap House.
It is difficult to decide, is this forward-thinking, or backward?

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