Thursday, December 29, 2016

Three 💗's Tahoe

We strapped on our borrowed yaktrax and followed the icy trail up to Eagle Creek.  There were people slipping and sliding all around us, even bare-bunning it in just leggings... brrr.

There is definitely not as much as you would expect at this time of year, but more snow would have closed the roads to this side of the lake, so we will take it.

After the walk up to Eagle Creek we made our way down to Vikingsholm, Tahoe's hidden castle.  

This snowman is ready for a snowball fight.  I WOULD say someone was being creative, but they probably saw it on Pinterest. 

This cedar was struck by lightening over 70 years ago; the only way to save it was to give it some extra support with cement blocks.  I have never seen anything like it outside of Vikingsholm.  Apparently this is an outdated technique, but it works!

 food ✔  view ✔  fun ✔  

Although the inside of Vikingsholm (built in 1929) is only open during summer, anyone during any season can admire the outside of the building.  

Ike and Martin (built in 2000), and their countless song list. are always entertaining.  

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