Saturday, March 4, 2017

Río Hondo Bike Path

Eric's childhood home in Downey.
Before he moved out of this two bedroom at the age of 15, there were two adults, three kids, two ducks, a tortoise and several cats living here.  

Today we took a trip down memory lane, which just happened to be more of a memory path than anything else, the Río Hondo Bike Path.  Eric spent much of his childhood here, both supervised and unsupervised, so the stories vary in degree of danger... 

The views and sounds change abruptly as you ride along the Río Hondo; soccer fields, petting zoos, horse stables, shooting ranges, remote control airplane fields, train crossings, freeways, and dams are just some of the sites.

This fenced in part of the bike path is to protect people from defiant remote control aircraft.  The hobbyists like to fly low over the bike path, to show off their skills.  Skill level can be debatable, huge divots can be found all over the fence, and chunks of planes scattered around.

We ended in South El Monte, at Taco Nazo, where I had the most amazing potato tacos and michelada.

I thought your mother said not to go into the canal...

We thought about riding around in the parking lot until we hit 20 miles, but then decided it was fair to round up.


  1. See that green patch in the canal. That's where you have to really be careful. It' tends to be slick as ice and can drop you in an instant.

  2. That is exactly what Eric said! I guess he was doing such things when he WAS being supervised! Haha.
    We actually saw it first hand, someone on a bike ate it pretty hard. Which made Eric laugh uproariously.

  3. This post surprised Steve. When he was about 10, his dad took him horseback riding from the stables you photographed. What a wonderful memory it evoked.

    I love knowing more about Mr. Eric. What fun. It seems like you both enjoyed the trip down Memory Lane.

    I cracked up about the R/C planes. Funny stuff. Very cool day and yes, I give you permission to round up.


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