Saturday, March 18, 2017


Tecate always seems to have something new to offer, while holding on to its traditions and culture, and all of the things that I love.

Casa de la cultura, which is open on Saturdays and every week day, has a bunch of new murals.

I had a chance to get a tour from the art teacher, Herón, who has taught there for the past nine years.  He was more than happy to show off the amazing work that his students are doing, from statues to pastels to ceramics.  

The brewery is under construction and is currently closed to the public, with no grand re-opening date, so we will all have to wait patiently for our free cerveza, and to see what their new beer garden will look like.  It appears as though they are going to expand to the other block (it already takes up three blocks).  Also, I am guessing that since they took all of their historical artifacts back from the Tecate Community Museum, this means there will be a museum component as well.  
Ugh, I can't wait!

Tecate is modernizing a bit, but it will always be stuck in time.  


  1. Having been here once before, it is very interesting to see the wonderful changes that have taken place. I love all the art. It's great to see and really wonderful that you share your love of Tecate with us all. Muy Bueno e gracias chica sympatica.

    1. Yes, Tecate is making some fabulous changes, but still holding on to its quaint way of life. I love it. :)


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