Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Honeymoon- Day 18- Berlin to Bamberg

Today is our reserved day and time to visit the Reichstag dome, which takes about thirty minutes just to get through security and screening, but is well worth it.

The mirrored cone in the center of the dome isn't just a work of art, but has a function.  It directs sunlight into the building to increase energy efficiency.

The dome was constructed in 1993 as a symbol of the reunification of Germany.  
There is a 360 degree view at the top.  Although the top is open, it is like a greenhouse up here.

Uh oh, Eric is starting to melt!

Before saying our goodbyes, we had coffee and treats at a fancy cafe attached to a fancy hotel.

Green light, go.
We are headed to Bamberg.  Kimmie and Lea are going to the zoo before their flight tonight (their flight that was supposed to be tonight, but was delayed over 48 hours... yes, hours).

I searched for small German cities on the route to France that would be worth stopping at for a night.
Bamberg was a clear choice.  
It has been recorded in history since 902, home to bishops and princes.  The first book printed in German was printed in Bamberg in 1459.  It became the center of the Enlightenment period in the 1700s in Southern Germany.  

This is what I am talking about.  
An authentic German dinner in a quaint restaurant.
Of course, this means that there was little for me to eat, besides potato soup and bread, but at least Eric has his choice of meats.

Handsome view.

The day wouldn't be complete without Eric playing on a child's zip line at the park.
Europe has yet to take out their dangerously fun playground toys like we have done in the States.

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