Friday, November 25, 2011

Dinosaurs Tracks and Rock Art

Moab has so much to offer. There seems to be endless beauty and attractions.

To the west of the Colorado River, off Potash Road, is more unbelievably preserved rock-art. 

Hey, no climbing near the petroglyphs!  (He didn't read the sign.)

Just a few minutes past the petroglyphs are dinosaur tracks. 
Three-toed predator dinosaurs hunted in this area 190 million years ago, leaving their footprints in damp sand which later became fossilized. 

From their track they do not appear to be large in size, but I am sure they would be intimidating to see in person. Or so I would gather from the movie Jurassic Park...

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  1. I learn so much from your blog entries and I keep adding to my list entitled "Places Brady has gone that I now want to go to!" It's growing every day. Way fun. And the good part is I don't need to do any research, you've already done it.

    I love the dino tracks and the incredible ancient art. Wonderful. How interesting for Elle too. Wild stuff in the desert.


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