Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Rincon del Diablo, CA

Don (Fred's dad) drove out from Camarillo to see our new digs and to check out our new city. We started off the morning decorating our Christmas tree (better late than never!). 

After presents we headed over to Grand Ave. for breakfast at a local diner. 
We digested our milkshakes, etc. by walking over to Grape Day Park where we were completely overloaded with the history of Escondido. 

Native Americans lived in Escondido for thousands years before it was "discovered" by Spaniards. 
When non-indigenous people moved to Escondido to acquire a rancho the area was known as Rincon del Diablo (corner of the devil). 
The name was changed to Escondido (hidden) in 1884, four years before the city was incorporated. 

The line from Escondido to Oceanside was built in 1887 (and is still being used for the current Sprinter system).  The track transported people, goods, and mail; helping the population of Escondido to grow in size.

The building behind us is the old public library built in 1895 (it was moved to Grape Day Park as part of a preservation project). 
Exploring Grape Day Park was the perfect way to introduce Don to the city.

After our Escondido history lesson we drove to my dad's house in Temecula and caught an incredible sunset along the way.

Per my dad's request I made a spaghetti dinner.

Dessert was Don's homemade pumpkin pie.
Mmmm mmmm good!


  1. I'm going to quote MLK, Jr. because I love this quote..."We are not makers of history. We are made by history." -Martin Luther King, Jr.

    I loved the lesson you told here. I had no idea. I now want to go and take the same 'tour'. Wonderful photos. Everyone looks so content to be together. Nice, early Christmas!

  2. bummer i missed dons pie?! looks yummy.


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