Monday, December 26, 2011

Surf and Hike

It has been so gorgeous lately Fred and I just had to take advantage of it. 
With our new booties we paddled out at the harbor in Oceanside. My dad met us there (he is a regular at the harbor). 
The booties were a nice way to combat the chilly water. 

After we got home we changed into hiking clothes and were off to Daley Ranch.

We lost the sun quickly but were prepared for the rest of the hike with headlamps. 

 What a perfect day! It really makes you appreciate living in sunny San Diego. 


  1. was this today? no sign of relaxing yet. Well, today by 11 i had all my christmas decorations packed up. peace out christmas. haha

  2. What a glorious day. I can't believe it's Christmas. I think it was 75 here yesterday. I love the Ranch photos. We are so there (soon) to hike with you both. How fun to go from sea to mountains all in one day. You guys know how to embrace a weekend. Keep having fun. Love to you both!


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