Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Winter in San Diego

What wonderfully atypical winter weather we have been having! It is hard to believe that a beach day this time of year would even be a possibility (without being chilly). 
It was 75 degrees at Tamarack today, and Marla, the girls, and I took advantage of it. 

My dad and his friend John met up with us.  But as you can tell from my dad's tan, today was not his first beach day this Winter.

Growing up, Tamarack in Carlsbad was the beach we frequented most. My parents surfed and we played, about three times a week. One of my favorite things about this beach has always been the jetty. There are always organisms in the rocks worth exploring. 

Yep, a perfect day at the beach! 

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  1. Wonderful organisms you have there Brady. You all look so happy. What must your family in Fargo be thinking when they see these pics. Wild.

    Love your dad's tan. The girls look happy too. Thank you for sharing more of your childhood with us, your faithful readers.


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