Saturday, September 22, 2012

Surviving ANOTHER mud run!

Marla and I survived the Lake Elsinore 2012 mud run! 
You don't need much for the run, just some clothes that you don't mind getting dirty, a good attitude, and a disposible camera.  Check! 
We are ready to go!

There were five more obstacles this year than last year.   They added an icy mud pool, and various colonies of fire ants (okay, so maybe the fire ants were just an added bonus). 

A 5k is easy when you are having so much fun!  (And not worrying about your time helps too.)

We have fun but it can be dangerous. A guy broke his leg RIGHT in front of us while sliding down the mound of mud seen behind us into a pool of mud.  He had to be rescued by helicopter. 
Oh, but we aren't about to let someone else's misery ruin our good time! 
Okay, bad joke.  Moving on...

This new obstacle made my arms sore! 
You got it Mar!!

The slip and slide is one of the last obstacles, but not your last opportunity to get dirty...

High five, Mar! We did it! 

Until next year Lake Elsinore Mud Run. 
The smelly Lake Elsinore mud is just part of the battle...

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  1. First off, great photos. Those really share what you went through. I'm so glad you and Marla have such fun together, dirty but fun, fun. That's awesome.

    So this is a new tradition? You two can have this activity! Not for me *o*
    [the only mud quote I could find]
    "He who slings mud generally loses ground."
    -Adlai E. Stevenson


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