Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day on Fiesta Island

Fred and I enjoyed Labor Day weekend on Fiesta Island with Malia and Walter.  Fred (who grew up in San Diego) could not believe how uncrowded the freeways, off ramps, and the Bay were.  It was a pleasant surprise considering what a gorgeous day it was.  I am already to go back and relax on the raft!


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  1. Okay, way interesting history of Mission Bay that I just have to share:

    In 1956-57, the City Engineering and Planning Department prepared preliminary drawings of a master plan for the area, showing that millions of yards of undesirable soils and unsatisfactory materials would be disposed of in the ocean. Public hearings were held, and it was evident from the vigorous public protest that disposal of the undesirable material at sea would not be acceptable, so it was decided to add an island in the bay (Fiesta Island), and make this a disposal area.

    Wild right? And you just thought it was a fun place to hang out. Looks like a perfect Labor Day.


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