Tuesday, January 1, 2013


In the morning we had a pancake breakfast at Cozy Corner before heading off to the local shine in the Akasaka prefecture. 

In Japan, Hatsumode (the first temple visit of the New Year) is very important.  Usually the temples are packed with people making wishes for the new year, bringing charms and ringing bells. 
We went to Akasaka's Hiejinja, a Shinto shrine.  
There was a police presence to keep the order.  We did not have to wait in any lines since we were not participating in their rituals.  

We did try some food at the temple, but not fish sticks.  

After the shrine we took the subway to Akasuka, where most of the boat tours leave.  It is amazing to see Tokyo, the largest city in the world, from the water.  

After resting at the hotel we headed to the Shibuya district.  This is a major shopping area that is usually packed with people.  It was pretty mellow considering it was a holiday.  Most people in Tokyo head home to be with family for the new year.  For us it was perfect, we got to wonder around the city without being in any ones way.  

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  1. Pancakes, really? At Cozy Corner? How Japanese of you! The photos are incredible. It looks like you are staying dry and warm enough. I love Fred's scarf. I think my favorite photo is the reflective one. Hmmm, maybe I won't chose a favorite.

    It looks like you are getting the most of this Asian adventure. Thank you for taking us along. I love it all. Arigatou gozaimasu!


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