Monday, January 7, 2013

Kawagoe, Tokyo

Megumu took the day off and took us on a trip down memory lane to the part of town where she went to high school, Kawagoe.  Behind Mu and the girls is the swimming pool that Megumu swam in regularly for four years.  

Kawagoe is famous for the old wooden buildings that used to be used to brew sake, and for the bell tower built 400 years ago that continues to ring three times daily.

Watching filled pastries be made.  
I got one with sweet potato (which Kawagoe is famous for), the other choice is red bean paste of which I have never been a big fan.  

Sweet potato soft serve ice cream!

The old bell tower behind us.  

This is a pickle shop.  The barrels are from a time (not that long ago) when they used to sell the pickled items straight out of the barrels (before they were prepackaged).  

After our goodbyes to Megumu and the girls we headed off to Minakami, our last stop before leaving Japan.  I miss Mu and the girls already.  Rika told us in English about four times that we need to come back and visit soon.  Her whole family said we need to come back, and we intend to sooner than later.

We stayed at Oyado Matsubaya in Minakami (just a five minute walk down the road from the train station).  The hotel was okay and they spoke absolutely no English but the food was unbelievable.  The spread in front of us does not include my portion.   

This may look gross but since it was served to be I had to at least try it.  Surprisingly enough I ate the whole thing (omit the skin, bones, tails, eyes... okay, well I ate the meat that i could).  It was good!  

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  1. The girls are so sweet. I bet you miss them. What history and unique beauty, Japan possesses. You captured both so well.

    When I went to Japan, one of the first words I learned was "vegetarian" because I did not want to be served a whole fish. You are braver than me Brady. Looks awesome. Fred's glee says it all.


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