Saturday, January 5, 2013

Nara sayonara

Japan has interesting entertainment.  We went inside this building full of toy claw machine games.  

They had some strange toys.  
I cannot help but wonder what they think of the toys inside our claw machine games! 

Mmmm mini street donuts!  

Before saying our goodbyes to Nancy and Vinny we spent the morning at two temples in Nara.  
Nara was once the capital of Japan and recently celebrated its 1300th year anniversary as a city.

The deer in Nara are a national treasure as well as a symbol for the city.  

Kasuga taisha shrine commemorates the Fujiwara, one of Japan's most powerful families. 
The lanterns are donated by worshipers.  

On our walk to Todai-ji we stopped to watch these Japanese girls who were running from hungry deer. 
One of the deer even bit a girl's butt!

The largest wooden building in the world is behind us.  Inside is one of Japan's largest bronze statues of Buddha.

This is a wooden Buddha at the entrance to the building, the strangest Buddha we have ever seen.  

It is hard to tell how big it is in the picture but it is massive at 15 meters tall.  Fred said it was the biggest Buddha he has ever seen but I reminded him of reclining Buddha in Bangkok which is 46 meters long.  

After the temple we said sayonara to Nancy and Vinny and got on a Shinkansen bound for Tokyo.  
They had a night in Kyoto before going home, and we were off to visit Megumu and her family.  
It has been an amazing trip so far.  Japan is a lovely country.  

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  1. I loved Nara when I was there. One of the deer bit Brenton as well. While cute, they can be agressive.

    The sites you visited brought back memories of my trip there as well. It all looks familiar and fun.


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