Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Birthday Flag

I cannot believe that Ruby is going to be FIVE this month!  It is crazy how quickly the time goes by.

Besides her birthday outfit we picked her up this shark purse in Japan.  It was the best deal; usually 40$ but I got it for under 2$.

What a great turn out!

Marla and Dan have perfected throwing parties.  
Fred got a care package with three cupcakes, but it wasn't enough...

Marla was so excited about the trick candles she found.  As you can see they were a success.

Happy birthday Ruby!

The birthday flag brings back memories.  My mom made it and it hung for every one of our birthdays until we were older.  Luckily it was in perfect condition when we rediscovered it in the attic.  This birthday flag has seen many happy birthdays, and we just added one more to the list.  


  1. i cant believe she is almost 5 either! WHat a fun day. Looking forward to celebrating her real bday on valentines.

  2. When you think of Ruby and ONLY being five and then you read this quote, "Age is merely the number of years the world has been enjoying you" it makes me even happy that I'm so old. The world has been ENJOYING me a whole lot longer!

    The story about the flag made me tear up. What a wonderful lasting memory. AND a great idea for me when I become a grandma. Looks like an awesome 1/2 to 10 party.


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