Sunday, February 24, 2013

Zoo and Cabrillo with the Nieces

Day 1:  
We explored the property (and found this shelf fungus)

We picked (and ate) blood oranges.

We attempted to eat enchiladas.  I say attempted because I accidentally made them too spicy.  I have never seen anyone chug water so fast.  I kept telling them they weren't THAT spicy but I was then told that "their little taste buds" aren't used to the spice.  (Don't worry Marla, I made them quesadillas!)

The girls couldn't wait to cool the 'little taste buds' with some Baltimore shave ice that we picked up earlier!

We watched the movie Flubber.  

We ended the evening with my mom's book A Gloddle Story.

Day 2:
We went to the San Diego zoo.

The wait was too long to see the new baby panda, but I was perfectly happy seeing the adult panda.

The girls rode on the 103 year old carousel at the entrance to the zoo.

Since there was a negative tide we went to Cabrillo National Park to explore the tide pools.

I love Cabrillo.  It is gorgeous and so unique.

This looks a lot more dangerous that it was (or at least a lot more dangerous that I remember).  

This happened about the last 20 minutes that we were there.  They stayed dry the whole time... but they just couldn't resist.  

Day 3:
We played at the house until it was time for me to drop them off.
I LOVE watching my nieces!!
I miss them already.


  1. What an incredible aunt you are Brady. I never lived near any relatives, much less someone who would be so involved in my life.

    The photos documenting your relationship are priceless. Thank you for bringing us along. I'm with Ruby... jump in with both feet.

  2. love the pics and being able to see what you guys did. thanks again sis.


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