Friday, February 15, 2013

Mellow Mammoth

Since there was no new snow we decided to board mellow.  We stopped once in awhile for drinks, and traversed the mountain a few times.  
It wasn't snowing, but at least it was sunny!

It looks like Fred is going into boarding battle.  

I splurged on a new pair of goggles.  
Love them.

My hiking partner, Angelika, happened to be in Mammoth this weekend.  Angelika and her husband met us for drinks at the end of the day.
(The Toasted Marshmallow at Tusks is to die for.)

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  1. I totally laughed outloud at the "boarding battle" comment. It totally looks like that. Yet, he has such contentment on his face. Fun.

    Looks like the idea way to celebrate a pre-Valentine's Day.

    That's neat that your ran into Angelika. What a great escape.


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