Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Road food in Tahoe

Our morning at Steve and Denise's cabin started like any other, with hot cross buns I found in the street the day before.  Eating people's disappointments are delicious.  
(The story- Fred and I were eating sandwiches at Schat's bakery when I witnessed a packaged baked good fall off the roof of someones car as they were leaving the bakery.  After explaining what I saw, and a little hesitation about risking my life running into the middle of the 395 for the item, I decided to take my chances.  Fred thought my main concern was littering, but really it was not wasting perfectly good road food.) 

After breakfast we headed to Emerald Bay, one of Denise's favorite spots in Tahoe.  
 Emerald Bay is beautiful  and so full of history.  

At the edge of the bay is Vikingsholm, a incredible Scandinavian inspired summer home built in 1929 by Mrs. Knight, a philanthropist who loved to entertain.  The house is not open during this time of the year, which is a good thing considering Steve and Denise volunteer here and we are visiting.  

Eagle Falls is just a short walk from Vikingsholm.

We then headed to Squaw Valley, where the 1960 Olympics was held, and the village designed by Walt Disney himself.

Fred couldn't snowboard due to his injuries but we relaxed in the sun and enjoyed the scenery.  

The last stop on the agenda (literally, the agenda that Denise had typed up for us upon our arrival) was rum runner Wednesday at Beacon's Bar and Grill.  The appetizers were incredible, not to mention the drinks, location and the company.  

We could not have had a better first day in Tahoe.
Of course having the best tour guides in town helps.  

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  1. I wanted you to experience some of my favorite Tahoe haunts. I think we accomplished that and more.

    While it was a whirlwind tour, I hope you understand better why we migrated north.

    What an exceptional day... all in its entirety.


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