Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Disney Deception

When Marla told me that she was going to Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki bar on Monday after school I invited myself to join.  The plan was that we would all drive up together after school, Marla and the girls would go to the park for a few hours since they have passes while I read in Downtown Disney, and then we would all go out for dinner.  
I walked Marla and the girls to the entrance of Disneyland and turned around to walk to Downtown Disney.  Instead of walking to downtown Disney I accidentally went to the entrance of California Adventure, thinking that I should walk through the sign labeled entrance because it was the entrance to the exit so I could leave.  When I reached the employee at the gate taking tickets (I thought he was stamping tickets for those who want to go back to the park) I told him that 'I am not really there.  I just walked my sister to Disneyland and now I am trying to leave.  I do not have a ticket.'  And I continued to walk through.  He looked thoroughly confused and said nothing.  I did not think about it again, until seconds later when I saw the trolley tracks on the ground.  Then it hit me... I GOT INTO CA ADVENTURE FOR FREE!  I was cracking up, causing people to look at me.  I immediately called my sister to have her join me.  
As I waited I felt like a fugitive; every time I saw an employee I thought 'this is it, I am busted!', even though it never happened.

"You must learn to choose between right and wrong"... SHUT UP Blue Fairy!  

As I waited I did the bread tour and got a free piece of bread, and went into Ghirardelli for a free piece of chocolate.  Disneyland is a lot more fun when everything is FREE!  
"A fine conscience I turned out to be!"...GO AWAY Jiminy! 

I went on rides that I had never been on before like Mater's Junkyard Jamboree and Goofy's Sky School.  

We then headed over to Trader Sam's.  It was not what we were expecting, although kids are allowed in before 8pm there is not much to entertain them, and the food is just appetizers and overpriced.  But Marla and I were glad that we checked it out.  There are certain drink orders which come with a show.  It was pretty fun.  And you can pay extra to keep the souvenir glass, which we did.  

We ended up going next door for dinner.  It was more like fast food but everyone was satisfied.  Marla was happy because even though the restaurant said they did not usually do anything for birthdays they brought out a cake and a lit candle anyway.  
The birthday wishes continue... 

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  1. So, all I can think of about your success in sneaking in is Walt's quote, "If you can dream it, you can do it." Only you Brady, only you!

    You are killing me though. I miss Disneyland the most, as far as SoCal things, besides people I've left behind. Thanks for bringing me to DCA since I can't go anyway.

    The Shipwrecked Drink story and video is awesome. Fun stuff. Wow. We have to go. You are so fun.


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