Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Day 5- Daytona Beach

The weather in Florida seems to change dramatically every hour.  This picture was taken the first day of our arrival.  
I think it is funny that animals are not allowed on the beach but cars are.

We loved our hotel in Daytona (we were south of the more popular 'spring break' crazy area).  Tropical Manor is very 70s.  We got a room with a kitchenette.  

They have shuffle board and bingo here!  It is too bad that we did not spend more time relaxing or I would have been all over it.  

We had an opportunity to spend time with Jeff and Annie at their hotel for the last few days.  

Fred relaxed on the lazy river.

We had such a great time in Florida.  Even though it rained almost every day we still did everything on our list of things to do, including spending time with our too distant Floridian family.  We know we will be back soon.
Congratulations Annie and Jeff!  
And have fun in Jamaica!  (I know we did not get bumped to business class with a bottle of champagne when we went on our honeymoon!)

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  1. Could you fit anything more in 5 days in Florida? I don't think so. AND you picked such ideal places to visit. Man, I love this series of posts. Way awesome trip. I can't to read about Hawaii.


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