Sunday, October 13, 2013

Tea at the Huntington

Happy (belated) birthday Marla!
A trip to Huntington Library with tea has been on the calendar for months.  
We waited for the perfect day; the weather was ideal.   

Tea isn't mandatory because there is so much to do at Huntington Library, but it is a fun addition to the day (and something that has to be tried at least once!).  

This family went out for tea with the agreement that they did not have to talk to one another.     

The botanical gardens take up 120 acres of Pasadena.  I am not that surprised that I have been a few times before but never knew about the Japanese and Chinese gardens.  This is the great thing about Huntington Library, there is always something new to see.  Marla noted that on their website they list the flowers that are currently blooming.  Every detail changes the experience.  

Do we make good statues?  

What about now?  More realistic? 

My sister's first trip to Huntington Library was a success.  We visited three museums and got plenty of exercise as we enjoyed the splendor of  mother nature.  
Happy birthday Marla!


  1. This brought such great memories back from my 50th celebration with you! What a gorgeous place to celebrate! You do everything with such style.

    I love the Black and White photo of you two. Darling and very authentic. Wow.

    The flowers, the details, the food, you cuties. So fun and how awesome that you stopped here afterward for wine on the golf course. I loved that.

  2. what a fun day. thanks again for the birthday redo! it was so pretty there and I look forward to going again. wine on the golf course was a perfect end to the day. : )


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